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So you’ve got a sunburn
Summer comes with a certain set of inevitabilities. You will complain about the humidity. You will get sand in your mouth. You will begrudge both your office’s dress code, and your office’s inability to set the air conditioner to a proper temperature. And try as you might, prepare as you did, you will probably, at […]
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Surprising belly tightening tricks
We hereby promise not to tell you about things called “sit-ups” or “crunches.” That’s not our game. And besides that, we know some of you out there are all too aware that there’s only so much all the sit-upping and crunching in the world can do. That’s where our favorite, slightly surprising tummy tightening tricks […]
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Mistakes you might be making when you wash your face No one appreciates being told they’re doing something wrong, even if learning to do that thing correctly would greatly improve our quality of life. If you don’t think that’s true then we suppose you’ve never been informed that your underwear is on backwards. And la-di-da […]
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Aside from the first six weeks of a new relationship, we never pretended to be perfect. And aside from when we post in internet discussion forums, we never pretend to know everything. We completely get how skin care rules and regimens can get confusing, especially since one week we read one thing, and the next […]
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No-fuss hair tips for summer
No-fuss hair tips for summer Though you may feel your office dress code may demand otherwise, we stand by our proclamation that summer is no time for flat irons. Nor is it time for curling irons, or blow dryers. Why should you have to blast your head with heat when the weather is already doing […]
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Baby products you might want to use for your grown-up self
You might think that with this article we’re officially hitting a new low, but we have to assure you that’s only because you didn’t see us last weekend. And anyway, companies take a lot of care in the products they make for babies, so there’s no shame in this game either. That new low will […]
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