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So you’ve got a sunburn
Summer comes with a certain set of inevitabilities. You will complain about the humidity. You will get sand in your mouth. You will begrudge both your office’s dress code, and your office’s inability to set the air conditioner to a proper temperature. And try as you might, prepare as you did, you will probably, at […]
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Surprising belly tightening tricks
We hereby promise not to tell you about things called “sit-ups” or “crunches.” That’s not our game. And besides that, we know some of you out there are all too aware that there’s only so much all the sit-upping and crunching in the world can do. That’s where our favorite, slightly surprising tummy tightening tricks […]
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Gluten and psoriasis: are they linked?
There are certain skin conditions that will cause a person to try almost anything to treat them, and psoriasis is definitely one of them. We’ve heard from psoriasis sufferers that have tried all manner of supplements, vitamins, and topically-applied craziness, all in the name of reducing or eliminating those irritating (and sometimes painful) patches. We’ve […]
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We don’t blame you if you’re rolling your eyes right now. It isn’t enough to slather approximately 1000 anti-aging products on your face, is it? Nope, of course not. Now you have to worry about keeping your hair looking youthful. Will it ever end? Probably not. Don’t shoot the messenger. Once you get over the […]
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Ah yes, there’s nothing quite like carefully dabbing anti-aging products on your blemishes, is there? At least those pimples distract from the fine lines. That’s what we tell ourselves, anyway. While gently weeping… It doesn’t seem fair to be dealing with acne at an age where you’re also worrying about aging, but truth be told, […]
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Dealing with psoriasis in cold weather

Most people are secretly a little pleased when the humid weather of summer finally bids adieu, but we know it is not so for our lovelies out there who are dealing with psoriasis. You’re probably already aware that cold weather can make your skin flare up into the dry and scaly patches so associated with […]

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