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Our Vision

We take the best of nature and technology and put them together into one winning line of products that bring life to your skin. The Dead Sea is an amazing geological phenomenon containing a treasure of minerals that we at Premiere optimize into the finest face and body care products. In our laboratories we explore the richness of these age defying minerals and utilize the most advance technologies to create rejuvenating skin-care products.  Enrich your skin with the blessing of nature and give it the moisturizing affect of the Dead-Sea minerals and oils.

Premier brings you the best of Mother Nature’s gifts. Our award-winning products leave your skin vital and moisturized and absorbed easily without leaving a trace.  The patented liposome complex delivers the active ingredients directly to the cells and thus helps to renew and rebuild your skin cells.

No matter what is the treatment you seek- moisturizing, nourishing or toning your skin – choose from our nature inspired line of products to get the best results and enhance your skin’s beauty. 

Inspired by the Dead Sea and its beautiful and peaceful environment we created a rich selection of products, ranging from general health and beauty to skin problems such as stretch marks or psoriasis.

Premier strives to capture the qualities of the Dead Sea, the world’s largest Spas, rich with oils and minerals that sooth and moisturize your skin. An oasis of minerals right at the palm of your hand. 

Beyond your imagination

The Dead Sea is a natural wonder being the most highly concentrated natural marine mineral source in the world. We use the most advanced technology to create skin care with the right concentration of minerals to give your skin the special Dead Sea experience.

We keep exploring

We never stop exploring and searching for the next innovative treatment for your skin. Our new generation of Dead-Sea products is considered a real break-through in the field of cosmetics. These products are scientifically proven and developed by space dermatologists and chemistry professors who specialize in the skin’s biological nature.


All the moisture your skin needs

The purification process extracts necessary ingredients needed for the renewal and building of skin cells, combined with an innovative liposome complex our products simply do the job.

Nature is our source

The Dead Sea provides us with 21 minerals essential for the nourishment of your skin and activate the circulatory system. In addition these minerals ease rheumatic discomfort and help metabolic disorders. Twelve of these minerals are unique to the Dead Sea.

Wake up your skin

We use special formulas that assist your skin’s natural ability to renew itself, stimulate the epidermal cells and restructure your skin’s balance. Feel the gentle and cool sensation of our cream on your skin. Absorbing the cream to your skin you shall feel fresh and vital.

The Active Mineral Bar

Skin-care products don’t always produce the most effective results because when the active ingredients come into contact with the air, oxidation occurs. In this process oxygen from the air attacks the ingredients which reduce their effectiveness. In addition, most creams contain water and the oxygen from the water also oxidizes the active ingredients and reduces their effectiveness.

Premier’s products are efficient thanks to a patented procedure we developed that separates the active ingredients from the cream, protecting it from the air. This is our secret purification process during which the active ingredients freeze at room temperature (Just like water is liquid at room temperature but solid when cooled down). We are more effective for a longer time!

Our patented mineral bar offers you multiple treatments:
1. Cleansing your skin
2. Preparing the skin to receive any cream or serum
3. Deployment of active ingredients on to the skin
4. Gentle exfoliating action

Award Winning

Our Award winning, patented products have been recognized around the world for their effectiveeness and innovation. The creams are immediately absorbed providing a vital source of energy, oxygen and nutrition for the skin. The normal biological function of the skin’s breathing is not affected. These unique products are based on a secretly protected purification process that extracts the necessary ingredients for renewing and rebuilding skin cells and combines them with an innovative liposome comlex to deliver the active ingredients directly to the skin cells. Premier product range has been scientifically developed by aerospace dermatologists and chemistry professors specializing in the skin’s biological nature in cooperation with a European Research Institute.

Original Dead Sea Products

Dead Sea Premier was awarded the “Israeli Original Dead Sea product Good quality mark”. The good quality mark was awarded to Dead Sea Premier by the manufacturers association of Israel and by the Israeli cosmetics industries association. All of our products are made in Israel. Premier’s research team is constantly exploring the opportunities found in nature and in the advancement of scientific discovery and applying these to our products. It is this expert combination of science and nature that delivers the best nature has to offer your skin with the most effective means of producing real, visible results.

All Premier products are Ozone friendly, come in recyclable packaging and are not tested on animals. Every batch undergoes quality control testing at an independent scientific cosmetic laboratory.

Premire Shops

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The Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories was established in 1990 by a group of experts in dermatology and cosmetics with years of experience and knowledge in the unique components of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories is a major manufacturer of high quality Dead Sea cosmetic products. Our Award winning, patented products have been recognized around the world for their effectiveness and innovation.
Premier is truly an international company with sales in Canada, United States, UK, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chile, Panama, Dominican Republic, Peru,  Portugal, Spain, France, Montenegro, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Norway, Finland, South Africa, Botswana, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, India and more.

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