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Our mission here is to provide our valued customers with effective skincare products that utilize minerals that keep your skin looking immaculate all the time. We value all of our customers opinions and business, and work tirelessly to provide age-defying products that keep skin soft while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By combining the secrets of the Dead Sea, our unique wisdom of nature, and the continued advancement of science in this industry, we can continue to deliver the highest quality skin care products on the market.

Transparency is everything in this business, and we welcome any and all comments by our loyal customers and new fans to the Dead Seas products. On this page, we gladly encourage customer feedback concerning the magic of the Dead Sea products we offer. Our team is dedicated to delivering only the best, and our team of the world’s best skincare scientists utilize the power of this healing sea combined with the latest technological advances to deliver our customers products that provide synergistic benefits to your body.

Our team of skincare experts do more that develop the most amazing healing products for your body, we work tirelessly to ensure the entire shopping experience is exceptional. Our philosophy runs on the principle that without the support and feedback of our valued customers, these luxurious and healing skincare products derived from the Dead Sea would not be as effective. These Dead Sea products and treatments have been recognized for their ability to renew and rejuvenate the skin, and we can continue to do this based on the opinions and feedback our customers share with us.

The following feedback is from real customers who have taken time from their day to help us and other customers to get a better understanding of how these products are affecting real people. More than positive feedback about how these Dead Sea creams and lotions revitalize and heal the skin, we welcome comments about our dedicated customer support team, all the products we develop and sell, and even the ordering process. The only way we can continue to provide customers superior products and exceptional customer service is by listening to those people who are enjoying all those healing benefits.

The following customer reviews, comments, and suggestions, are just another way we want to help our customers to feel completely at ease and assured that these Dead Sea products will not only improve your appearance, they will transform your life.


Premier Dead Sea is one of the most trusted, leading skin care brands in the world. With stores across the globe and presence in Duty-Free outlets at International Airports, Premier has increased their visibility by leaps and bounds. Premier Dead Sea has received an overwhelming response from existing customers. This customer base has increased exponentially over the years with a rise in newer customers by word of mouth and recommendations.

Premier Dead Sea has major outlets, boutiques, spas, and resorts which cater to an exclusive clientele that believes in the Premier Dead Sea brand and skin care products. Premier have major outlets in Miami and California that enjoy a strong customer base and counters in New Town Plaza Hong Kong, Kowloon Hong Kong, Bangkok Thailand, and so on. These stores and outlets are run by highly trained staff that is eager to help and assist in finding the most suitable product for your skin type.


The Dead Sea provides close to 21 minerals that are essential in nourishing and rejuvenating your skin. These minerals also help activate the circulatory system to enhance your skin cells and return them to their original and unique state. The advanced technology that combines the qualities of the Dead Sea and latest innovations in skin care is what makes Premier so special. They only believe in premium quality products that leave your skin feeling nourished and balanced.

Premier Dead Sea has been awarded the Good Quality mark by the Israeli Manufacturers Association and the Israeli Cosmetics Industries Associations. Premiers’ advanced research team constantly strives to produce skin care products that deliver real, visible results. All Premier products are proven by aerospace dermatologists and chemists specializing in the biological nature of the skin. Premier products are Ozone friendly, are never tested on animals, and come in recyclable packaging.


Premier Dead Sea has combined plant based stem cells with nutrient rich creams to produce high-end skin care ranges. Premier has developed serums and treatments that work on all skin types and for all ages to give visible results. The company ensures that current and new customers are given exceptional skin care products that are quality tested to deliver the best results. Premier Dead Sea is committed to being accepted and acknowledged by their customers as the best in deliverable skin care products.

At Premier, customer satisfaction always takes priority over everything else. Satisfied customers are raving about Premier’s innovative, fun, and efficient products that have taken the world by storm. To achieve this on an ongoing basis, Premier Dead Sea’s Research and Development department strive to achieve their goals to deliver unique, results-driven products for all skin types. To this aim, they continue to produce products that are eco-friendly and Ozone friendly.

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Premier Dead Sea Europe
Average rating:  
 67 reviews
by Lena Schulz on Premier Dead Sea Europe

I got their products at a discounted price as there was some offer going on. I was quite dubious about the quality of their products initially. However, after using their products constantly for a month, I'm really satisfied with the products of Premier Dead Sea.

by Lina on Premier Dead Sea Europe

My boyfriend purchased a nail kit for me from the brand, Premier Dead Sea. It really made my nails prettier and naturally beautiful. Furthermore, I'm using a moisturizer from them which is another great product. Overall, I am content with this brand.

by Grace on Premier Dead Sea Europe

I received a gift of their premium skincare set on my 23rd birthday. After using these products, I got so overwhelmed that I have placed an order for the same product again from their online website. I really love to try this brand and recommend it to my friends.

by Vos Leah on Premier Dead Sea Europe

I got a recommendation to use this brand from one of my colleagues. I thought to give it a try. I wasn't that happy with the previous cosmetic brand which I was using since long. Surprisingly, Premier Dead Sea has really satisfied me with their high-quality products & replaced my previous brand. 🙂

by Mariani Louise on Premier Dead Sea Europe

I got some free samples of this brand. After using those, I placed an order immediately and got a completely free shipping on my order. Even, their official website is pretty easy to navigate so that I can easily look for any specific product without any glitch.

by Janssens Chiara on Premier Dead Sea Europe

"I and my family (especially my mom) are a huge fan of the cosmetic products of Premier Dead Sea. We regularly use their products as per the geographical climates. It has been around 6 years until now. And we never faced any issues while using these products.

by Sofija on Premier Dead Sea Europe

Premier Dead Sea and its products are so reliable and trustworthy. Their products always fulfill their claims. Even, they don't contain any artificial or synthetic chemicals which are harmful to our skin. I highly recommend this brand.

by Conti Matteo on Premier Dead Sea Europe

My wife heard about this brand from her neighbor. She requested me to purchase a product from this brand. I gifted her a couple of skincare products of Premier Dead Sea. My wife is highly satisfied with these products.

by Olivia T. on Premier Dead Sea Europe

I got a huge discount of 40% while purchasing products from the official website of Premier Dead Sea. The products aren't over pricey. Moreover, they perform quite well and satisfy the specs as written on the website. A Highly recommended brand !!

by Jūlija on Premier Dead Sea Europe

I would like to express my gratitude for your products. I was pleasantly surprised by evident changes of my skin, it has become younger.

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