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    Tips for better brows

    Regardless of some of the things we’ve admitted to over the months, we are not impolite, embarrassing people. There is not a rude bone in our body. However, we do have to come clean and tell you...

    The waxing information you really want to know

    With the onset of summer comes many wonderful things. Swimming, sunning, watermelon, neighbors taking their arguments to the back deck so the whole street can listen in and pass judgment on what Todd...

    So you’ve got a sunburn

    Summer comes with a certain set of inevitabilities. You will complain about the humidity. You will get sand in your mouth. You will begrudge both your office’s dress code, and your office’s...

    Since 1990, Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics Laboratories is one of the world’s leading skincare brands, combining innovative and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies with the ancient wisdom of the Dead Sea’s minerals and mud.. From its first days, Premier Dead Sea strived to offer its customers a new kind of cosmetics: innovative, efficient, and fun. As a result, Premier Dead Sea’s luxurious lines received world acknowledgment as unique breakthroughs in the cosmetic field. Premier Dead Sea received several awards by the global cosmetic community as well as dozens of customers’ choice awards.

    Goal and Philosophy

    Premier Dead Sea’s goal has always been to produce high-end and all-natural skincare based on unique compounds which may only be found in the Dead Sea area, which is considered to be nature’s spa. In order to achieve its goals the company’s R&D department constantly expends its knowledge on the human skin and on the ways herbal extracts and minerals from the Dead Sea may be used in creating great skincare.

    Premier Dead Sea seeks to fill its customer’s life with excitement about their skin. To achieve that goal the company makes an ongoing effort to develop and produce new, exciting and high-performing skincare products.

    At Premier Dead Sea we want your skin to be as healthy and radiant as it was before time and environment damaged its beauty. For that end, we keep developing new and exciting skincare ranges that target even the slightest imperfections. Some of our lines help young skin keep its flexibility and radiance by deep cleansing, daily toning and good moisturizing. Other ranges target the more mature skin by detoxifying, calming and nourishing it. We also developed some of the best products available today for dealing with Psoriasis and broken skin.

    Green Production

    Premier Dead Sea has a deep commitment to our planet. Our R&D team has developed a unique, eco-friendly and energy saving manufacturing process.

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