Acne can be an annoyance any time of the year, but it’s especially irritating in summer. Not only can it ruin a lot of carefree summer nights by being on your mind, but it’s just so quick to develop in the shiny, oily months of hot hot heat.

Below you’ll find our easiest tricks for tackling acne head-on.

Put a little distance between you and your phone

A really tiny, really minute amount of distance. The thinnest layer you can think. If you have to make a phone call on your mobile and no one’s around to see you do it, simply layer a Kleenex between your face and your phone. It won’t impede your speaking abilities at all, and it will keep your phone from compressing a layer of grunge and bacteria into your skin. You know you’ve noticed a few extra bumps in the area your phone touches your face. Stop them before they start.

The t-shirt trick

A dirty pillowcase is a major culprit when it comes to blemishes. But since most of us don’t have seven separate pillowcases to give us a full week of clean sleeping, we’re kind of stuck. However! Most of us do have three or four old t-shirts. Instead of a pillowcase, cover your pillow with an old t-shirt. The next night, turn it inside out and sleep on the clean side. The next night, go to your next t-shirt.

Let’s make a deal

This may come off as a ridiculous idea, but we think it has merit. Make a deal with yourself: you’re not allowed to take off your bra at night until you’ve washed your face, or at least cleaned it with a cleansing wipe. You want that jail off your chest? Get to the face-washing, especially with a great gentle cleanser like Dead Sea Premier’s Milk Cleanser.