We want to make it clear: we don’t think this particular trend is surprising because we don’t find this particular feature beautiful. We certainly do now that we’re mature enough to appreciate the little things that makes each one of us unique. The reason we find it so surprising is because we spent so much time in our teens trying to cover up this aspect of our skin.

That’s right. The newest beauty trend is freckles.

Freckle frenzy

It’s already started at Topshop, where a Freckle Pencil is available for purchase. Yes, for those who weren’t naturally blessed with a smattering of freckles, you can use a pencil that provides two separate shots of pigment through one nib for a marbled, natural-looking freckle effect. And if Topshop is doing it? Don’t be surprised to start seeing freckle pencils available from all kinds of brands by the end of fall.

We’ve had a bit of a debate with our friends. Is it not weird to pencil on a set of freckles? Our determination was that yes, it’s a little weird. But so is smearing copper on our eyelids, winging thick eyeliner from the outer corners of our eyes, and staining our lips bright pink. But we do all of that, don’t we? If freckles are a look you’ve always wanted to rock, now is the time.

Making the most of natural freckles

And if you’re already freckled, now is the time as well! To really make those freckles pop we recommend ditching your foundation in favor of a BB cream or tinted moisturizer that won’t cover up these beauty marks. You’ll also want to keep your pores squeaky clean so that nothing steals the spotlight from those adorable nose freckles. In addition to nightly cleansing, sweep a toner like Dead Sea Premier’s Skin Toner over your face to get it ultra-clean and reconditioned.