There are two people we try very hard to not get caught up in their hype. Beyonce, and Angelina Jolie. And of course there are two people that we most definitely get caught up in their hype. Beyonce, and Angelina Jolie.

We hate to be such typical women who tell you that everything these two do is perfect and amazing, but honestly, it just is. So when we started hearing about Angelina Jolie’s new skin care secret, you know we were on that like flies on pie. Here’s the scoop.

Raindrop facial

Ah, sounds so relaxing, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a misnomer. The raindrop facial actually has nothing to do with raindrops and everything to do with lasers, which the creator claims feels like warm raindrops. Ah, sure.

With the raindrop facial a client is given a thorough microdermabrasion. This will help the laser to better penetrate the skin. The laser is used for something called laser toning, which helps treat hyperpigmentation and evens the skin tone while also stimulating the cells deep down for long-term collagen production, which means long-term younger and healthier skin. After the laser toning, a gentle chemical peel rounds out the treatment.

So does it work?

In a word: yes. Though we’re not sure it’s fair to call the raindrop facial a facial. It’s really more of a skin-care procedure. Lasers have been proven to be like magic for anti-aging skin care. Unfortunately, unless you’re in New York and willing to pony up a lot of money, a LOT, the raindrop facial may be out of reach for now. To help give you those important collagen-production effects, we recommend the Dead Sea Premier Collagen, Beta-Carotene and Seaweed mask. This soluble form of collagen as well as the infusion of beta-carotene will help your skin renew itself to be younger, stronger and more elastic.