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Nobel prize winner in physics Professor George Smoot leads Premiers research and development center.

The American astrophysicist and cosmologist – Professor George Smoot, a professor at California Berkley will lead Premier’s medical research and development team in order to produce and develop a new medical device for home use to treat wrinkles, pigmentation and most facial skin disorders. Additionally, the team will focus on developing a comprehensive cosmetic and skin care line, making use of advanced FDA certified anti-aging technologies.

Dr George Smoot is a senior investigator at the National Lawrence Berkeley laboratory at the University of California Berkeley and a professor of physics.

The Nobel Prize winner, Professor George Smoot, will lead the Premier research and development department to develop advanced anti-aging and anti-wrinkle technologies which will be 510k FDA approved in order to bring Premier users the most advanced skin care solutions available in the world today. This will further position Premier as a leading skin care company offering real beauty and skin care results that utilize the most advanced, safe and certified technologies in the world where new consumption habits are being changed and the home has become the main care arena for beauty grooming.